About Loud Jazz

The key objectives of the organization are to develop more performance opportunities for Jazz musicians, and to cultivate a youth audience that can sustain the music into the future. In the short run we will be organizing events and learning from this process, sharing the good and the bad with anyone who seeks information on to how to actively promote the music. One key element of these events is to, whenever possible; use a multi-tier model that includes high school, and college students, local players, and national and international artists, not only giving work to more musicians but helping them to connect to listeners who might be surprised to find such formidable talent in their own backyard and beyond.

As musicians and fans feel more empowered and better educated as to how to set up and run concerts and mini festivals they can begin the process of connecting with others who are interested in doing the same so that the music can develop a greater presence at every level. Imagine setting up your own event where your band can showcase its latest material and where a group with an international reputation from New York or some other far away place headlines the event. It’s not as far fetched as you might think, and we should know since we did just that on June 6th with the 2002 Thelonious Monk International Saxophone winner Seamus Blake and his quintet (see our events section). So stay tuned, pay attention, get involved and make a big noise, the fun awaits us all.

John J. Michaels